BE A GOOD PERSON was co-founded by Darian Simon & Julian Donaldson. Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. They have been involved with collaborative projects for the past 9 years. In hopes to change the negative landscape in the world they embarked on creating and curating a clothing brand that is inclusive, artistic and high quality.

Located at the start of the art walk in the alley of the 2600 Block of Walnut Street.

2660 Walnut Street, Suite 560A
Denver, CO 80205
Current Store hours: We are currently under construction, we will re-open in 2020.

Established in 2015, BE A GOOD PERSON functions as a clothing brand with a mission of providing the community with positivity. We believe we can change the world, with one conversation at a time. Currently our Denver location serves as our primary location. Our store was developed in 2017 and we are located in the heart of Denver's RINO District.  Our clothing selections varies per season with  an array of premium products. Since 2016, BE A GOOD PERSON has worked with the MAKE-A-WISH organization to and has helped raised over $575,000 to date. We have worked to make sure our community comes first. Our initiative to work with the Mile High Workshop has helped create jobs and develop skill sets for people who have had the hardships of incarceration, physical & drug abuse, and homelessness.